Seattle native

DJAO, aka Alex Osuch,

is a producer/vocalist of electronic music: hazy bass, sung echoes, swung-out drums, zones.

          Alex began to produce in earnest in 2010, and his material has since evolved to cover a wide fuzzy swath of the electronic tempo spectrum. The music exemplifies the progressive tradition of mixing elements from different disciplines into a cohesive whole, all in service of a central harmonic vision. It confronts everything from sadness to relaxation to the warm revelation of a burden lifted. Behind it all is a mundane daily routine. 

He also produces/performs as:

7777777 - club music inspired, 145bpm-180bpm

City Hunter Seattle - smooth jazz and city pop DJing

One half of NICE&AO - all live/improv instrumental hip hop

Contact:   djaotracks      at