"His first album is a preternaturally chill and soulful take on future bass, with reverbed, forlorn vocals frosting over pastoral-yet-cathedral-friendly synth foundations that hint at A.R. Kane, Arthur Russell, and Spirit of Eden/Laughing Stock–era Talk Talk. The bliss of sadness saturates this sterling debut."

The Stranger - "Panabrite, DJAO, and More: The Best Seattle Electronic Music Releases of 2014" - December 2014

"Osuch's subtle approach means you have to hear the whole thing to fully appreciate DJAO. Like many artists with this West Coast mentality—Kid Smpl, Ghost Feet, Devonwho—he doesn't really make an effort to reach out, but he will make you feel at home once you're there. That's what makes DJAO so nice: even through its stylistic fidgeting, it feels like you're sitting in Osuch's living room, sheltered from the steady pitter-patter of the rain outside. And as anyone who lives in the eternally rainy Pacific Northwest will tell you, those are some of our best moments."

Resident Advisor - "RA Reviews: DJAO - DJAO (3.5/5.0)" - November 2014

"Like with a good novel, your primary sense picks up what’s there and your imagination fills in what isn’t. This is the active way of listening, though DJAO is just as useful as machine music, a secondary soundtrack to some kind of activity (like ambivalent exercise?). Osuch matches soul—the vocals, the rhythms—with intellect—the unique aesthetic concept—to create a sound that’s simultaneously engaging and challenging, alien and comfortable."

CityArts - "Album of the Month: DJAO" - November 2014

"While largely ambient, DJAO introduces elements of jazz, footwork and even chopped-and-screwed music; Osuch cites inspiration from artists as varied as Brubeck and Benga. ...stream the album and read our enlightening interview with the producer below. "

FACT - "Like Your Ambient With a Touch Of Footwork? Stream the Debut Album by DJAO" - October 2014

"'Foreign Heart' places sparse but precise rhythms beneath a bed of reversed chords and a mountain of wordless vocals, whose slow-morphing lines build and intersect at certain points, removing the focus from their individual notes and instead leaving the listener immersed in the mass of reverb-laden murmurs they create when combined together. "

XLR8R"DJAO 'Foreign Heart'" - October 2014

"The self-titled LP has been three years in the making, and a listen to new track ‘Basement’ should give you a clue why – it’s an intimate and intricate record, each track an essential step in a carefully laid-out narrative. And it’s gorgeous.... read more on DJAO’s process in our Q&A below. "

Abeano"DJAO - Basement" - October 2014

"The entire affair is an experiment in drunken astronaut jazz with a particularly faded player leaning on the piano keys, maybe Eno’s Music for Airports jacked on a cold brew coffee intravenous drip. "

Potholes in My Blog - "Listen to DJAO’s Great New Self-Titled Album Right Now" - October 2014

"...this track, featuring DJAO, Running in the Fog, and guest vocals from Natasha Kmeto, thumps. Like some storm off in the distance shaking the windows and glassware."

 Tiny Mix Tapes - "DJAO / Running in the Fog / Natasha Kmeto - Bass Camp SF” - May 2014

"This is a freewheeling artistic mind in action.... Unhurried, spacious and nonlinear, Osuch’s music exists in an incandescent netherworld between jazz, classical, soul and downtempo."

 City Arts Magazine"Future List 2014, The Alchemist: Alex Osuch aka DJAO" - January 2014 

"First up was Seattle's own Alexander Osuch, who makes music as DJAO, who proved to be not only a thoughtful interview subject but also a friendly face to encounter on dance floors as the festival went on. ...DJAO is definitely a producer we'll be keeping track of in the future."

Earmilk - "Earmilk Interview: DJAO at Decibel Festival" - October 2013

"...here’s DJAO’s contribution with One – which splices its murmuring keyboards, hard-hitting bass and delicate brushed drums enticingly. We spoke with Alex over email – after he’d had a cup of tea – about progress on his new album and about what’s hot in Seattle right now; check that below the track."

Dummy - "Premiere: DJAO - One" - March 2013

"'Time To Stop Waiting' is a downtempo jam. Bright synths and crisp drum lines make way for relaxing piano samples and slowed down vocals, meanwhile keeping things in an optimistic light."

No Fear Of Pop - "DJAO 'Time To Stop Waiting'" - January 2013

"If remixes simply recontextualize their source material, then screwmixes transform it into something completely foreign. Here, producer Alex Osuch slows down and chops up songs from Mount Kimbie, Grimes, and Janet Jackson until they turn into vaseline-smeared, unrecognizable aural mush."

Seattle Weekly"DJAO Makes Abstract, Nostalgic Night Music on Screwmixes" - December 2012

"Drifting synth tones and softly contoured chords billow back and forth across the track's intro, sounding something like a sea anemone swaying slowly within its tropical environs. The aural landscape is subsequently placed in the shadow of a massive bassline, which pulses rhythmically to fill each and every pockmark around the track's hollow percussion and robust melodies."

XLR8R"Devonwho - Strangebrew (DJAO Remix)" - June 2012

"De la première à la dernière seconde de son album, DJAO vous attrape, vous fige, ne vous laissant d'autre choix que de la fermer et d'écouter l'histoire qu'il a à vous raconter. L'idée même de mettre sur pause est un sacrilège auquel je ne me risquerai pas, de peur d'altérer l'expérience. Wuhn est un tout qui s'écoute d'un seul bloc et qui demande une concentration maximale afin d'en saisir les moindres détails, les moindres vibrations. Une fable en 5 actes qui nous est contée par un illusionniste au talent sans égal."

Matrack Magazine - "Critique de 'Wuhn' de DJAO" - November 2011

"For his EP, Wuhn, the Northwesterner presents five tracks of woozy, textural beat work, including this cut which marks the halfway point of the tender endeavor. Twisting and turning around a stuttering beat, Osuch lays down gentle layers of looped vocals which, when amassed together, flow with ease, creating a lush, ever-present drone throughout."

XLR8R"DJAO - Taigamoss" - September 2011